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Easy PIM can answer some very important questions for you.

Are you overwhelmed by the idea of organizing your personal and financial paperwork?

Do you want to get a handle on it all but just don’t know where to start?

So do you keep putting it off, only to increase your own anxiety by doing so?

You’re not alone.

Most people know that managing their personal documentation is incredibly important, but the sheer amount of paperwork scares them too much to do anything about it. Unfortunately, this simply creates more stress… and the vicious cycle continues.

The only way to become stress-free about your paperwork is to finally control it. And that’s what Easy-PIM is all about.

Easy-PIM is the brainchild of a compassionate CPA. I’ve been where you are. I know how overwhelming it can be. And I can help.

The Compassionate CPA.

I’m Linda Donegan and I’ve been a CPA for three decades, helping people of all ages with their financial matters, including managing all their important files. So I’m incredibly familiar with the personal paperwork most people have in their lives.

But in addition to my professional experience, I also know what it’s like to be a caregiver. The fact is that organized files are just as important to your potential caregivers as they are to you.

In the event of an emergency, easily retrievable files are critical to the caregiver’s ability to carry out the individual’s wishes. I learned this first hand when I began caring for my elderly parents.

Luckily, with my professional background, I was able to weed through the sea of paper and handle everything. But I realized that most people would need a lot of guidance and without it, they would be completely overwhelmed. So I created Easy-PIM as an easy-to-follow organizational tool.

Easy PIM

PIM stands for “personal information management.” Easy-PIM takes you step-by-step through all your paperwork, helps you put each piece in the proper category and organize it in a logical fashion. Once you use this system to manage your files, everything is easily retrievable for you and others who may be acting on your behalf. You’ll finally have control over your paperwork.

And that means you’ll finally have peace of mind.

So take the time to go through each category of Easy-PIM. Give yourself the stress-free gift of organized and easily manageable documentation.

Home Filing Systems

Some people have no filing system at all. Some have a filing system that only they understand. But the question is whether someone else – like a caregiver – would understand it.

Instead of just giving you a list of documents to file, this system provides a clear, easy-to-follow filing structure. You’ll organize things like birth certificates, savings accounts and insurance policies into four clear categories: Personal Records, Assets, Liabilities and Insurance. This way your documentation will be easily understood by you and someone who might be helping you.

Easy-PIM will walk you through organizing, filing, managing and maintaining all your personal and financial data.

It’s easy to set up, easy to achieve and flexible to fit anyone’s documentation. Get started now, visit Home Filing Systems to get the details

Home Inventory Systems

If your house burned down, would you know what you needed to replace? Do you have a good idea of what your valuables are? Do you question your home insurance coverage?

This system helps you take an inventory of everything you own. It guides you from start to finish so when you’re done, you’ll have a documented record of all your possessions.

Thorough and easy, this system will give you clear knowledge about everything you own.

Get started with a visit to Everything I Own for more details.

Estate Planning

These two words strike fear into the hearts of most people…because we associate it with what happens after we die. And that’s perfectly natural. But it’s important to recognize that it also addresses what happens when our capabilities become impaired and how easily a caregiver will be able to help.

From wills and trusts to power of attorney and advanced directives, it is critical to get a sense of control over this subject by managing your documentation.

Yes, it can be intimidating with all that “lawyer speak.” So Easy-PIM includes Estate Planning 101 so that you can get some basic direction regarding terminology, asking the right questions and making informed decisions.

This is so easy to use. So don’t let the fear win; get control of the paperwork now so you can enjoy your life today.

Visit Estate Planning 101 for more information.

Record Retention

Are you confused by what documentation you need to keep and for how long? Do you have a backlog of tax files but can’t find your birth certificate?

This system is designed to educate you about what to keep, how to keep it and how long you need to hang onto it. You’ll also find out how to dispose of old personal documents while keeping your personal information secure and safe.

Easy to follow and easy to use, Easy-PIM will shave that paper pile down to a manageable file.

Visit Record Retention for more information.

Home Filing System Made Easy

Every household needs a home filing system. Whether you need to organize personal records, financial records, or bills there is an simple way to accomplish and maintain these files.

Everything I Own - My Home Inventory

Every wonder "what if I had to replace everything I own?" Protect your personal possessions by performing this easy 6 step process to a home inventory.

Estate Planning 101

Everyone has an estate! So everyone should have an estate plan! But where do you start? Start here with Estate Planning 101.

Record Retention Guide - How Long do I Have to Keep This?

A record retention guide can be very confusing. There are so many different types of documents, how long are you required to keep them. This discussion clears up a lot of the misunderstanding of keepi

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