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Now that you have read how to get the home filing system in order, do a home inventory, state your estate planning and know when and how to retain your records, we can make it easier.

These products are designed to help you conquer the difficulties encountered when trying to organize, manage, and document all your paperwork.

We have a How to Booklet to walk you through the Easy-PIM system step by step. Follow the system and have your organization done in a flase!

For a very reasonable price, you can have a workbook, designed to focus on a specific area, to organize all you have. Do you like the filing system you have now? Then use it! Just document where everything is. It's that simple.

We also have a home inventory book and Excel spreadsheet. All you need to do is enter what you have, for how long and how much you paid, take a picture and you are done! Sort by room or category (i.e. appliances) for complete lists with prices for your insurance company.

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Easy-PIM How to Booklet

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Are you having trouble getting started with organizing your paper tiger? Have you tried everything to get this under control? Different filing systems, books, day calendars, color coding, plastic filers, etc., etc. just don't ever seem to work like you want. The Easy-PIM How To Booklet will show you a simple way to organize your files into 4 categories then file them where they can be found and maintained. Easy (as in Easy-PIM), quick, and effective!! Priced at US$5.00

Easy-PIM Complete Workbook Series

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All four sections of the Easy-PIM Workbook Series are available as a package purchase for one low price. Personal Records, Assets, Liabilities and Insurance have been combined into one workbook to make it easier for you. The cost of the one workbook is lower than buying all four of the individual workbooks, and will motivate you to get your documentation organized once and for all! Buy the complete series. Priced at US$39.95

Easy-PIM Personal Records Workbook

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Personal Records are all those documents that are not financial in nature. Things like birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce and separation papers, prepaid funeral arrangements, DD-214's and the like are hard to organize. Why? Well, there are lots of them with lots of different purposes. This workbook will help you organize all these documents and protect this vital information. Priced at US$11.95

Easy-PIM Asset Workbook

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Your assets are so very important to your family. It encompasses your checking and saving accounts, investments, equity in homes and vehicles and everything else that has value. Keeping track of your assets will help ensure they are protected and used appropriately. Priced at US$11.95

Easy-PIM Liability Workbook

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Liabilities are obligations we make to others to pay off the money they lend us. Sometimes they are the result of a lawsuit or other circumstance. No matter how you accumulated your liabilities they need to be tracked and managed. Debt should not be allowed to get out of control, so maintain these records carefully. Priced at US$11.95

Easy-PIM Insurance Workbook

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It's the insurance policies that protect you if something goes wrong. A auto accident, a tree falls on your house, an illness, or a head of household dies. Having these documents where they can be quickly accessed when needed is vital. The Insurance workbook will allow you to document all your policy details so the information is at your fingertips. Priced at US$11.95

Easy-PIM Home Inventory Program

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Want to take a home inventory but don't know how to get started? The Easy-PIM Home Inventory Program will walk you through the process step by step. It includes a through How-To manual and an Excel program to help you document your belongings, record pictures, and even scan in the receipts. Very simple system. Is a must for anyone with anything! Priced at US$18.95

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