How To Get Organized
Why Most People Won't Do It!!

Most people I work with always ask me how to get organized. It always interests me why they don’t get this done because everyone realizes and agrees on the benefits of being organized.

Everyone understands that they could be harming the ones they love most by leaving them with a complex and unwarranted burden. It is easy to get organized but still people put it off, avoid it, ignore it and pretend everything is just fine.

If you really want to get this done here is your answer. Easy-PIM has a series of workbooks that can help you. Fill in the blank, that's all it takes. In the end you will know where all your documents are located, and if anyone else needs them they will be able to find them. Its a great place to get started with this. Give it a try today. All four workbooks at one low price.

The professionals that see this the most are the financial planners and the attorneys. The planners are trying to help you get organized, manage your money and make the most of it for your retirement or to realize your life’s dreams.

The estate attorneys are trying to construct a good will, trust or estate plan. It helps them when you are already organized. They must have certain papers or the plan may be flawed. Clients consistently dodge the issue and sometimes with unfortunate consequences.

But why do people consistently ask how to get organized and then don’t do it? After years of working with this issue I believe that people are very busy and they see this as just more work.

What little time they do have, they don’t want to spend doing something that really doesn’t interest them. So what are some easy ways to look at this to help you take this done? After all, it is my bet that getting organized was one of your New Year’s resolutions.

Here are five things to keep in mind as you tackle this. Sorry I can’t wave a magic wand and have it all just happen for you, but these things will help.

1. Don't think you will get this done in an hour.

How long have you been collecting your paperwork in haphazard ways? How long has it been since you organized it at all? Have you never done it? How long have you wanted to get this under control? Well then you aren’t going to get it done quickly. It will take a little planning and thought.

The easiest way is to start slowly. There is no deadline on this (although you really need to get it finished eventually!). Follow the process that is outlined on this website. It is an easy step-by-step method. Even if you only do one file a day, by the end of the year I bet you will be organized!

2. Buy what you need to accomplish the end of the mission.

You are trying to get organized. If you need a file cabinet, go buy it. If you need file folders, make the investment. One trip to the office supply store will do it. Buy the boxes, labels, pens, etc. in one trip. If you don’t have the supplies on hand to accomplish the task, you will use that as an excuse to put it off. If you are resolved to get this done, get what you need and get on with it!

3. If you are missing files, deal with them now.

I can almost guarantee you that some of the files you will need are missing. How long has it been since you last saw your birth certificate, marriage license or your annuity contract? If you find something that you should have is missing, make the effort to get it now! You will not get organized unless you do.

Whether that is a loan agreement, your power of attorney, or the titles to the car, stop, make the call, and follow up on it now. This will save you critical time in the long run. Also as you move forward you will lose track of what you need to order and follow up on. The sooner you get it done, the quicker this will be done. Finding the missing files will help you get organized. Visit this page for some help hunting down documents you may be missing.

4. It's not something that is right or wrong.

You are not going to be graded on how to get organized. There really is no right or wrong on the best way to do this. What really counts is that it is done in a way that helps you. If you suddenly feel more in control, then it’s working. But also remember this is not just for you. If you were not here to help your loved ones find a piece of paper, what is the first things they would do? When you are finished with this they will have your household notebook to help them find whatever they need.

This website contains a suggested system to get you going in the right direction. Change it and tweak it to fit your situation and circumstances. Realize that it is not perfect, but it is a start. Just follow the guidelines and you will be better off than you are now!

5. If you need help from family, ask for it!

You do not need to get organized and do this entire system by yourself. I like to think that every family has a COO and a CFO. The COO (Chief Operating Officer) is in charge of planning, grocery shopping, getting the kids to the doctor and things like that. The CFO (Chief Finance Officer) is in charge of paying the bills, making the investments and savings, and dealing with the loans. If you are trying to put together an organization system for which someone else has information, ask them to help you. It actually will help them too as they will be involved in how to get organized and will make them more aware of how things stand in the household.

One last thing. Practice a little patience. Just complete one file, maybe two, and be done. Come back and do a few more. You will get there. Just keep moving forward.

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