Home Filing Solutions

There are several steps to creating excellent home filing solutions.

These steps are designed to be done sequentially. If you don’t do step 1 before step 2, you will get lost.

I have given you a brief description of each step and a link to a page that has complete instructions.

In addition I have given you a link to some articles that address common problems people face while setting up a home filing solution.

If you think of your documents as a giant maze you will never find your way out of, take heart, I will tell you about home filing solutions.

Work your way through these steps one at a time, and keep working on them, I will guide you through the maze of paperwork that comes with life.

At the end of this process you will have all your documents together in one place, easily accessible, organized in a logical order and you will have much more knowledge of your own personal and financial information.You will finally have implemented a home filing solutions.

Step 1 – How to get Organized
The first thing you will want to do is identify the types of files you need to get under control. The first step is very important that you understand your documents. Here is a free downloadable list of all types of categories and files you will want to address. Go to How to Get Organized page.

Many people want to do this, but find it impossible to get started. Is that your situation? If it is, read this article on why, no matter how motivated, some people will never accomplish a home filing system.

Step 2 – What type of home filing do you need?
Once you decide you are going to do this, what types of system will suit you best? Computer? Manual? Metal file cabinets? Expandable folders? Three-ring binders?Home filing solutions depend on the type of system used to be efficient.

The choices are many. Make the right one for you.

Go to What type of home filing do you need?

Are you helping elderly parents in their "golden years?"
Has the situation become gradually overwhelming?
Are you having a hard time communicating with your parents?
Are they resisting this?
Read this article on becoming the Family File Organizer.

If you need to have “The Talk” with your parents, read this article on Helping Aging Parents.

Step 3 – Conquer Your Paper Clutter
Paper clutter can clog our homes and minds. If you have lots of paper clutter your family needs home filing solutions. It seems everywhere we look there is a piece of paper. Learn how to organize this once and for all! Go here to read how to conquer your paper clutter.

Do you have ALL the papers you need? Many times documents get lost as we move, remodel, etc.
It’s time to find all your lost documents. Go here for links to state and federal sources. Replace them now, before you need them.

Step 4 – Organizing Home Files
You know what files you need to organize, you have located or ordered them, now is the time to start your home filing solutions.

Step 5 - Create the Document Organizer
In this step you will create your document organizer or household notebook.

This document organizer is an invaluable information resource for your household.

Quick and easy is the way.

Make sure you create a Household Notebook while you are at it. This can be an invaluable source of information in an emergency!

Step 6 – Last but not Least,
You need a Bill Organizer

Everyone needs to make sure the bills are paid on time. However with all the documents we deal with daily they sometimes become lost in the shuffle. Make sure you don’t lose bills or accidentally pay them late with a bill organizer.

Need to know how to set up a simple bill organizer so everything gets paid on time? Want a list of the 10 top ranked software applications for bill organizer?
Or how about a free downloadable excel spreadsheet for bill organizing?

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