Home Inventory Management
Step 4

Home inventory management includes making sure all your possessions are correctly valued. Let’s say you have something of value. For instance the Hummel collection mentioned in Step 3. Or this could include valuable things you inherited or received as gifts. Or maybe you have some valuable stamps in your collection, or an original piece of art.

You will need to document that value. Some great online resources for this are eBay, Craigslist, uBid, Amazon, or Ebid. Be sure to print out the page to document the day you did the research.

If you have something that would not be traded online (like an original Rembrandt) you will need to arrange for an appraisal for your home inventory management.

I am not in the appraisal business but there are a few precautions that you will need to take. Although most appraisers are very honest, there are factions that are very dishonest. Be careful. Here are some pointers on what to look for.

Get referrals before you call anyone. Don't go to the web or phone book and take the first person you come across. You want someone that works in your area, knows people you know and has a reputation.

Make sure that the person you contact is a certified appraiser and has experience and a depth of knowledge. Call the board they are certified with and check their credentials. If they are not certified and don't belong to a board, don't use them.

Ask how they charge. You want an appraiser who will charge by the hour or a flat rate. If you find an appraiser who wants a percentage, do not use him or her. They will try to talk you into selling your property and offer to sell it for you. All you need is an idea of the value.

Ask them if they will provide you with a written estimate for your records. There may be a small charge for this but it shouldn't be a problem.

Appraisals will be needed by insurance companies so you might as well go ahead and get them as you are completing this part of your home inventory management.

When you have finished this, move on to Step 5.

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