How to Get Organized
Step 1

How to get organized will start by identifying the type of files you want to organize. This is written strictly for the subject of home filing. In other words, we are talking about personal files and personal financial files only. As you will see, these can be different things.

This has nothing to do with any type of filing you would need for business.

As you read on, I will specifically identify the type of files that you need in your home filing system. As a high level overview, let me say that your file organizer will include all your personal files and financial files; you will also create a bill organizer.

Everyone has papers, documents and files they must contend with. If you are alive, you at least have a birth certificate. Therefore, you need a home filing system that will work with the amount of paper you have. In today’s modern society it seems everything comes with paperwork - lots of it!!

Unfortunately, no matter how motivated some people are, they will never do this. Why don't people care about how to get organized?

Deciding How To Get Organized

Take it easy. How you are going to go about this is probably the most important step you can accomplish when starting to get organized. Once you have a clear vision of how this will work, you have a plan in place. After that the only challenge is to execute the plan.

Just making the decision to do this is very helpful.

Please be easy on yourself when considering the time it will take for you to accomplish this. It has taken a long time to accumulate this paper clutter; you will not get it organized overnight.

This step by step instruction plan to lead you to how to get organized can be accomplished over time.

What you need to do is resolve to keep working on it. You can work on your home filing a few files at a time.

The key to getting it done is moving forward. Even if you only create one file a day, eventually you will have completed the project.

Start by reading how to organize home files. It will give you an overview of what home files are and how best to get them in order.

Using a system that is already constructed where all you do is insert the information is the easiest way to complete this. Easy-PIM has a complete set of workbooks that do just that for you. All you supply is the information and it is done. That simple. Order the complete set today, or buy the individually.

Here are a few suggestions for you to help with how to get organized.

  • Set aside some time every day, week or whatever works for you and your schedule. Dedicate that time to working on your files. Pencil it into your calendar. Even if you only complete one file at a time, it is progress.
  • Set a place aside to do this work. Usually where you pay your bills or an unused dining room table will work. If you have this set up, you will be less likely to forget to work on it. Keep the files out and in front of you every day. This way, when you have time to work on it, you can just pick up where you left off last time.
  • In your how to get organized project, buy the supplies you will need to complete it. If you go out and make a commitment to buy file folders, labels, filing cabinet or whatever you need, you will more likely to complete the project.
  • Make it a family project. If you and your spouse have trouble communicating about money and other personal matters, this may be a good time to open some of those doors. Ask for some help from your family. If children are the right age they can make an art project out of making files and labels. These will become precious to you as the years roll by.
  • Set a goal. Plan to work on a specific number of files every day week, or what have you. Make a chart (or have the kids make it) and tick off the marker as you move closer to completing this project.
  • Reward yourself for working on your how to get organized project. If you want to cookie, a walk, watch a favorite TV show, whatever. The objective is to motivate you and get you to come back and do some more.

Move forward, regardless of how slowly; just keep moving forward.

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