Hurricane Rita.... and then Ike!

by Kimberly Stodder
(Grandlake, Louisiana USA)

The last hurricane to actually made landfall around these parts was over 60 years ago. Sure we hear of hurricanes entering the Gulf every year but have taking none seriously, seeing as year after year they never come close.

So in a way we had become desensitized to any hurricane threat, that is until the sheriffs department knocked on our door and told us we had to leave by way of a mandatory evacuation because Rita was coming. Shocked? Yes! And the last thing we thought about was going around copying IBN numbers from the back of all our major appliances!

Many weeks later we returned to what looked like a nuclear war zone. Everything covered in mud and dust. The smell was almost unbearable. The flood waters had entered our house up to three feet.

What we didn't loose due to flooding in our house, we lost to the mold that had quickly spread from weeks of standing water.
There was nothing salvageable, not even lighting fixtures.

Not only us, but so many people in this area had so many problems dealing with insurance companies, the main problem was the flood insurance companies battling the home insurance companies.

Most of us did not have what is called "contents" on our home owners which is what caused a lot of the problem.

After that experience, many people in this area, including myself, quickly made sure we had contents coverage on our flood and home owners policy. Also now we have records kept of IBN numbers and original receipts in locations with other family members who live further north and we, personally, have kept a digital file copy of every receipt of major purchase.

Which came in handy when just a few years later we were devastated again with hurricane Ike. But this time, no fighting with insurance companies, we had everything we needed to prove our purchase on hand. Policies paid quicker and we were back up and running in a shorter amount of time. Just sorry we had to learn the hard way from one devastation to recover from the other!

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