It took 25 years

by Ryan
(Atlantic, IA)

When I was 5 my family's house burned down, lost in the fire was my mother and all of our belongings.

My father spent 20 years of his life trying to reclaim what was lost. He had collected baseball cards since he was a boy(thousands of dollars worth of cards, and this was in the late 80s.) We were able to get big things like TV's, beds, dressers and some clothes replaced via pictures relatives had.

We wound up with a check for a couple thousand dollars after we got most of the big stuff and a new house from the property insurance. I had no toys, by dad had lost dozens of gifts from family, and we had lost tons of family pictures.

To this day I have seen three pictures of my mom and two of those are in profile. It wasn't until years later that we realized that my birth certificate had been burned. The problem was that the hospital where I was born was no longer around.

It was not until I was 30 that a copy of my birth certificate was found(filed under my mother's maiden name, instead of my last name).

To this day, there are toys, I know I lost that could have been passed on. Pictures that I will never get back and memories that will never be passed down, because they were lost.

25 years later, I know I'll never get some of that back, but if we had a better system of tracking our things, maybe we could have had more replaced and been able to focus on the little things.

This was years before a lot of the insurance requirements were in place, but the list isn't just for insurance, it is for us, too.

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