Lost it all

by L Ed Green
(Calhoun, GA)

I had rented an apartment when I first moved to Calhoun and left most of my things packed in boxes in the second bedroom figuring they’d be safer there than in a storage facility.

My house search could last for months so I’d taken a 6 month lease. The apartment was upstairs at one end of the building, just minutes from my new job.

I had renters insurance but only a general policy covering some basic stuff.

As I sat in the lunchroom looking out one Monday, I noticed after the storm passed that there was a column of smoke rising not too far away. It didn’t register that it was in the direction of my apartment. When I got home that afternoon I got the shock of my life! Apparently lightning had struck the building during the height of the storm and set it alight.

Downed limbs, only just removed by the city had prevented the fire department from getting to it quickly at the height of the storm and that entire end of the building was burned flat. 6 apartments totally destroyed with nothing left standing but a few charred sticks.

It wasn’t until I checked into a motel for the night that I realized all I owned in the world was my car, the clothes on my back and the contents of my pockets.

No way did I have the tens of thousands I was going to need to replace everything that had been in that house even if I’d had a list of it.

The TV, 2 computers including my laptop which I’d forgotten to take to work. All my clothes, every stitch, every shoe, I didn’t even own a toothbrush anymore!

I had no bed, no sofa, not a cup to pour coffee into from the coffee maker I no longer owned.

Years later I was still remembering things I'd lost and forgotten to insure. If only I had paid more attention. Everyone thinks this can't happen to them, but believe me, it can.

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