No birth certificate, no social security card, no license

by Faith Green
(Panama City, Florida)

During relocation across country all of my family’s paperwork was burned in a house fire. Since I was relocating I was unable to go to the local office to have any of the documentation replaced. In my new location I was unable to register my children for school or to get any medical insurance. I also could not get an apartment or a job. I needed my birth certificates, social security cards, and other information. It took me 6 months to get the documents in the mail. Thankfully there were emergency services where I could get my children medical care and the local schools were able to accept my children on a temporary basis until I could get the paperwork. Due to the fact I couldn’t get insurance in my new location I now owe $2,000 in medical bills. This has been extremely stressful and obviously costly just because of some lost paperwork.

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